Saturday, October 6, 2012

This blog will eventually show ...

By the time this blog is finished it will show similarities between wording in each of the following publications by Douglas Agbetsiafa and wording within the works of various other, earlier published authors:

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2012) Fiscal Deficit-Interest Rate Link: Evidence from G5 Countries. Research in Business and Economics Journal, 5: 1-12.

Agbetsiafa. Douglas K. & Aghimien, Peter (2011) Assessing Teaching Effectiveness in College Level Economics and Accounting Courses Using Student Rating of Teaching. Journal of Current Research in Global Business, 14(21): 44-52.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2011) The Recent Global Financial Crisis: Impacts on Selected Developing Regions. International Business & Economics Research Journal, 10(10): 93-101.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2010) Evaluating Effective Teaching in College Level Economics Using Student Ratings of Instruction: A Factor Analytic Approach. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 7(5): 57-66.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2010) Regional Integration, Trade Openness, and Economic Growth: Causality Evidence from UEMOA Countries.  International Business & Economics Research Journal, 9(10): 55-67.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2009) Assessing Teaching Effectiveness in College Level Economics Using Student Rating of Teaching. AGB & IALBSS Proceedings Vol. 21.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2009) A New Financial Foundation: Rebuilding Financial Supervision and Regulation. Dialogue/The Voice of the SWIFT Community, Issue 22: 54-58.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2008) Examining the Trade-Growth Nexus in the Economic Community of West African Studies. Journal of African Development,10(1): 51-59.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2006) Financial Intermediation and Efficacy of Monetary Integration of the Community States of West Africa. Southwestern Journal of Economics, VIII(11): 25-51.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (2004) Long-Run Relationship Between Domestic Saving and Investment in Ten African Countries: Further Evidence from Cointegration Models. Southwestern Journal of Economics, VI(1): 1-19.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas (2002) Capital Mobility, Saving and Investment Link: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of African Finance and Economic Development, 5(2): 77-88.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (1996) Distributed Lag Effects of Fiscal Deficits On Short-Term and Long-Term Interest Rates, Proceedings, Global Business, November: 318-324.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (1995) Growth Implications of Financial Intermediation Under Information Asymmetry, Trends In Modem Business. Academy of Business Administration, February: 459-467.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas K. (1992) Fiscal Policies in Open Economies: Implications for the Balance of Payments.  International Trade and Finance: Proceedings, Vol II, April: 435-446.

Agbetsiafa, Douglas (1980) “External Resource Utilization and Debt-Management Problems in Ghana” (Doctoral Thesis submitted to University of Notre Dame).

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